We are closed for Term 1 Holidays?

We have closed our Term I on March 20th, two weeks earlier than planned, due to the Coronavirus threat. We have scheduled our Term II opening for Monday April 20th, if all goes well, and will close Term II and Term III a week later than scheduled to make-up lost weeks.

Welcome to WasharikaMontessori School

We are excited to finally launch our dream, Washarika Montessori School, that started when our children attended kindergarten in Kampala and was nurtured when we lived in the USA at various moments in different places over the last nineteen years. Washarika Montessori School is inspired by what we learned at those various moments, as volunteers at our children’s kindergarten in the US and early child education courses that we attended.

Our Mission

To maintain a safe, intellectually stimulating, enjoyable kindergarten and daycare center that supports children’s proper emotional, intellectual and physical development.

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of early childhood education and caretaker services for children three months to five years of age in Makindye division.

Our classesWe have 4 Age group classes available

Babies3 months to 1 year

Toddlers2 - 3 years

Kiddies3 - 4 ½ years

Pre-Schoolers4 ½ - 6 years