Core values


We strive to be fully accountable to our parents. We prepare daily reports on the conduct, moods, behavior, achievements, concerns for each of the children. Through our Parents Participating Program parents may participate in school activities and contribute to improving our policies, procedures and practices. A parent having a child in the Baby’s group may sign into our phone-based app through which they view live camera footage of activity in our Baby Room.

Personalized services

We care about each learner as an individual child. Our small group sizes, five for baby group and twelve in each of the Toddler, Kiddies and Pre-schooler groups, allow us to maintain a favorable and exceptional teacher/learner ratio of one teacher to five learners. We watch each of our learners very carefully. We keep daily records on each child and provide these records to parents at the end of every week or at any time of the week on request.


Safety is our primary goal. We ensure maximum safety and security for our learners, parents and staff in all aspects of our premises and in all our methods and practices. Security cameras installed inside and outside our premises capture all activity and a camera installed in the baby’s room is viewable by parents and from the Director’s office. Children’s meals are prepared with the highest safety standards. Our doors are protected with anti-bang pads. We review the effectiveness of our safety policies, procedures and practices every week.

Child centeredness

We keep our learner groups small and manageable. We take no more than five children in the baby group and no more than twelve learners in each of the Toddler, Kiddies and Pre-schooler groups. At full capacity we will have a maximum of forty-one children, and with eight full time childcare givers/teachers we will have a ratio of one childcare giver/teacher for every five children, allowing us to attend to each learner’s unique needs.

Service to the community

We strive to serve the needs of our community, especially the community of Bukasa-Muyenga, where our school is hosted. We implement a means tested bursaries scheme or fee waivers for children in the Bukasa-Muyenga community. A member of the community and the Local Council I (LC1) Chairman for the area are members of the School Board and advise on matters related to service to our community.