Achievement testing

We subscribe to a US based online testing services that tracks learner’s progress on reading and math. Teachers generate these reports, showing areas of learning and achievement gaps, and discuss these with parents, complemented by the personal observations, on a periodic basis.

Food and Nutrition

We stick to healthy and safe food. Our menu is prepared following our expert nutritionist’s advice, and our in-house chef employs that highest standards of food safety, storage and preparation, using high end disinfectants and equipment. The following is a generic menu for the preschoolers as an example. Breakfast Cereal, Banana, Milk Snack Cracker, Banana Milk Lunch Avocado, Carrots, Potatoes, Milk

Staffing and structure

We believe that staff are the most important part of the school. We strive to recruit teachers that embody our core values and possess the best skill mix (attitude, patience, flexibility, and a proven passion for early childhood education). We believe in a shared, collective staff management style, and we maximize the full potential of our staff by implementing personalized staff incentive schemes.


We do not believe in the line that is often drawn between international and national educational systems. Rather we do believe that there is simply a good education system, which must be constantly reviewed and adapted to learners, to present circumstances, available science, new and proven teaching methods and teaching aides. Children learn best when they feel accountable to and are encouraged by the people that they love and with whom they have an emotional attachment and this philosophy informs our approach to homework. We will send the preschoolers back home with homework every day, but this will be carefully designed so that it is completed within thirty minutes. Parents should strive to read with their children and to practice numbers and shapes, as assigned. It is through repeated practice that children grasp concepts.

Parent Participating Program

Any two parents are welcome to participate at any time in Washarika Montessori School activities, as they contribute to improving learner’s environment. This is one way through which we keep Washarika Montessori School accountable. We need a three-day notice to accommodate overlapping parent helper requests.