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Washarika runs youth exchange programs and youth camps through which youth learn from diverse cultural experiences in selected African countries. Washarika enhances youth self-confidence, self-awareness, leadership and critical literacy skills. Learners develop enduring friendships through our programing in selected host communities in Africa.

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  • Youth Leadership Camp 2021
    Up to twenty-four youth will be hosted at the Washarika Youth Leadership Camp for three weeks—eight separate camps as shown in the posted dates—and upon completing the leadership camp will be eligible for an eight-week internship.

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Jan 10th to Jan 31st 2021, 3 weeks

Youth Leadership Camp 2021

The period between end of senior six exams and opening of university lasts nine months, from mid-November to mid-August, and many parents are at a loss regarding what to do with their youth over this long period. These youth are hardly old enough to venture out on their own and at this point can only do so in carefully guided environments. They are also forming their personality, and are at a stage at which their creative energies can be best mobilized to set a firm foundation for a successful future. This exciting Youth Leadership Program is established to fill this gap.