Frequently Asked Questions

Our program model is deliberately designed to take students out of their comfort, and to facilitate learning from discomfort. Our family counsellor will work with the students and parents to facilitate this learning, in the event a student expresses discomfort. Accordingly we will switch homestays only if we are satisfied that we have taken all steps and there is no other option.

All learners enrolled into the program must have health insurance. We are associated with at least two clinics within close proximity to each of our program centers, where we will take students for minor health issues. Parents will be informed promptly should we be taking a learner to a medical facility. In the event that the insurance is not accepted, and the parent cannot send money in time, we will require that the parent remits funds for medical treatment.

You will contact Julie. M. Nsimire our Program Officer, Admissions and Family Counsellor, who may put you in contact with the in country Program Coordinator. All staff contact information will be provided to parents prior to learners’ departure to the program

Yes, you may contact the homestay family. We recommend strongly that parents make the contact with the consent and/or facilitation by the Admission and Family Counsellor.

We discourage frequent calls to learners as this may interfere with learners’ adjustment process. We do recommend no more than once a week. We recommend as well that parents contacting learners do so through our admissions and family counsellor.

We will provide you with the different means through which you may send money to your child. This may be via mobile money or bank transfer or program loan, depending on need and circumstances at the respective location.

We are still working on this. One possible strategy could be to work with learners teachers at their school. Another may be an end of program test. This is still under discussion.

All learners must have travel or health insurance that will cover medical bills. Parents are responsible for making sure this is adhered to. In the event that medical insurance is not accepted, then the parent will be expected to send funds via bank transfer or mobile money or western union. In the event of an emergency the program may cover expenses after explicit undertaking that the parent will reimburse.

Parents pay for and make flight arrangements. All learners must arrive on the program on the first day and depart on the last day of the program. Exceptions to this must be approved by Washarika.

All airport pick up will be done by Washarika program staff. Parents are required to provide flight itinerary to Washarika. Washarika staff will be at the airport to receive the learner from airline staff.

All our homestay are located within 15 minutes walking distance to program centers. All our learners will be required to walk from homestay to program center.