Youth Leadership Camp 2021

Camp description

The period between end of senior six exams and opening of university lasts nine months, from mid-November to mid-August, and many parents are at a loss regarding what to do with their youth over this extended period. These youth are just old enough to venture out on their own, but at this point can only do so in carefully guided environments. They are also forming their personality, and are at a stage at which their creative energies can be best mobilized to set a firm foundation for a successful future. This exciting Youth Leadership Program is established to fill this gap.

Up to twenty-four youth will be hosted at the Youth Leadership Camp for three weeks, and upon completing the leadership camp will be eligible for an eight-week internship. The Youth Leadership Camp, led by two expert youth program facilitators, will be hosted in Buyengo, Dabani Sub-county, in Eastern Uganda at a family facility that is well set up to offer excellent accommodation, meals, community and co-curricular activities.

Over three weeks the youth will explore farming systems, community services, and strategies for effective leadership, communication and career development. Each week is filled with field visits, assigned reading, group presentations, discussions and team building activities. Youth receive a certificate at the end of the Youth Leadership Camp, and are eligible for an eight week internship

Objectives of the camp

The Youth Leadership Camp is intended to achieve five core objectives:

  1. Foster critical thinking skills among participants
  2. Equip participants with effective listening, reading and presentation skills
  3. Develop in the participants a sense of self-awareness and how they may harness their full potential
  4. Foster among participants an understanding of strategies for effective leadership and team work
  5. Equip participants with strategies for overcoming barriers to professional growth

Methods of instruction

  1. The camp is facilitated by two youth programs facilitators, supported by one consultant.
  2. Groups of 4–6 participants perform assigned tasks.
    Discussions and debriefing sessions are carefully scheduled and facilitated.
  3. Selected videos and YouTube clips are assigned to provoke discussion and learning.
  4. Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom is assigned, including two journal articles relevant to each week.
  5. Evening activities and co-curricular activities keep youth engaged and are a source of learning.
  6. The camp is deliberately set up so that youth are multi-tasking/completing several tasks simultaneously.

Camp Rules

(additional rules will be provided on the first day of camp)
  1. Wi-Fi is available at lunch break and 6:00pm to 10:00pm
  2. Personal hygiene and cleaning of common areas is required
  3. Intimate relationships are strictly prohibited and may lead to expulsion
  4. All scheduled camp activities are compulsory
  5. Participants are required to report any symptoms of illness
  6. Participants are not permitted to leave the camp premises without express permission of camp leaders
  7. Participants are expected to be at all meals
  8. Generally bed time must be by midnight
  9. Alcohol and drugs are prohibited

Internship Program

Upon completing the Youth Leadership Camp, youth are eligible for an eight week internship. Internship organizations are carefully selected and internships carefully designed to provide youth with an experience that will foster skill acquisition and appropriate attitude formation.

For example, youth may intern with a media organization to enhance their writing skills and work ethics, with a customer relations department to learn about effective customer service, with a construction company to learn basic plumbing or electrical fitting.

The Site – Buyengo

The camp will be hosted at Washarika Youth leadership Camp that is located in Buyengo, Dabani sub-county, Busia District. Buyengo is located eight kms out of Busia town, off Busia-Majanji Road. The home has five large cottages and two houses, all of which are self-contained.

The site sits on a seventeen acre property, and approximately four acres will be used by the Youth Leadership Camp. The surrounding community is extremely friendly, and comprises of people that are closely related. The distance from the town, strong community bonds, prevalence of small scale farming and the suitability of accommodation and space make this location the perfect place to host a Youth Leadership Camp.

The Trip – Zanzibar

Stone town

Stone Town in Zanzibar is a World Heritage UNESCO dedicated site. In Zanzibar, a blend of African, Arab, Persian, Indiana and European cultures form unique Kiswahili cultures rich with touristy artifacts, cuisines and beautiful beaches. Stone Town is incredibly safe. Unique intricate alleys form a network of little shops run by owners that thrive on strong local social networks. As a result Stone Town provides an excellent setting in which young youth will safely explore a wide variety of projects as they practice their Kiswahili.

Packing List

Sportswear 2
Swimwear (recommended) 1
Sneakers 1
Rain Jacket/umbrella Bathroom slippers 1
1 Sunday/church wear 1
Boots 1
T shirts 3
Casual Shorts 2
Jean/casual trousers 2
Underwear 5

Smart phone
Nightwear 2
Socks 3 pairs
Water Bottle
Flashlight/torch with sufficient batteries Lap top computer (recommended) Mandela “Long Walk to Freedom” Toiletries (as needed, we provide bathing and washing soap)

Youth Leadership Camp 2021