Zanzibar, July 2020

Stone Town, Zanzibar

July 26th to August 19th 2020, 4 weeks

Stone Town in Zanzibar is a World Heritage UNESCO dedicated site. In Zanzibar, a blend of African, Arab, Persian, Indiana and European cultures form unique Kiswahili cultures rich with touristy artifacts, cuisines and beautiful beaches. Stone Town is incredibly safe. Unique intricate alleys form a network of little shops run by owners that thrive on strong local social networks. As a result Stone Town provides an excellent setting in which young youth will safely explore a wide variety of projects as they practice their Kiswahili.

Zanzibar Program Staff:

  • Said H. Omar, Program Coordinator
  • Anuna Mukri and Moza Said Salim, Homestay Coordinators
  • Biasya and Bishuwena, Kiswahili Lab Instructors
  • Suleiman Mussa, Math Lab Instructor
  • Zuleikha Makame and Ali Said, Office Managers

Program Components

July 26th to August 19th 2020, 4 weeks

Cross Cultural Competency

We enhance ability of our learners to engage with unfamiliar cultural norms, respect, responsibility, open-mindedness, flexibility and patience.


Learners complete twenty seven hours of in-class Kiswahili instruction and fifteen hours of carefully designed homestay based Kiswahili practice


The math lab is facilitated by two experienced math instructors. Our learners complete forty to fifty hours of math instruction


Learners complete forty to fifty hours of in-class biology instruction and sixty to seventy five hours of biology related field based instruction